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Meet The Team

Take a moment to get to know us!  Choosing a pet care facility is not an easy task and certainly not one to be taken lightly.  The people and their motivation for doing what they do every day makes the difference. It takes sincere passion and a desire to see every single pet happy, healthy & safe.

We operate Paw & Order with a few key things always top of mind:

  • Providing good basic care is simply not good enough for family pets. Providing exceptional love, care, support, and comfort is the new minimum.... and never settle for the minimum.

  • Pet parents in our community should expect "exceptional".

  • Every dog and its owner must have access to a high quality and informative dog training program

  • Enrichment is imperative for every guest that comes through our door

  • Give back to the community more than you get

  • BE the voice for those who have no voice

Find out more about the services we provide here:

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