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As a condition of your pet being involved with any training with Paw & Order Inc., the following Waiver and Assumption to Hold Harmless must be signed:

By choosing to utilize the services for my pet(s) or have my pet(s) participate in activities at Paw & Order Inc, I agree to the following:

  • I agree to pay the registration fee in full to Paw & Order Inc.  upon request in order to hold a spot in a group class.

  • Payment of the Behavioural Assessments / Private Training Sessions fees are due within 24 hours of making an appointment time/date.

  • I understand that on entering Paw & Order Inc., my pet will be examined for fleas. If fleas are found, my pet will be refused admission to the facility.

  • During a group class, behavioural assessment or private training session there may be times when one or more dogs are off-leash during the class and I understand that this setting is not without some risk of injury, that despite all dogs appearing healthy and being handled with the greatest amount of care and foresight, dogs are not always predictable and the unexpected may occur. I recognize that the benefits of such training are valuable to my dog, and accept the potential risks. I further agree to pay veterinary/medical expenses incurred as a result of injury to or caused by my dog.

  • I agree that photographs of my pet may be taken and published by Paw & Order Inc. on social media sites or for use in other advertising mediums.

  • I understand that Paw & Order Inc. will exercise all due diligence and care in the guardianship of my pet. I hereby waive and release Paw & Order Inc., it’s owner, employees and agents from all liability of any nature, for injury or damage, including that which may result from the action of any dog including my own, and expressly assume the risk of such damage or injury while my dog participates in any service of Paw & Order Inc., while on the grounds or the surrounding area thereto or designated alternative training environment.

  • I agree that should I need to cancel my reserved spot in the class or designate a date/time for a behavioural assessment/private training session after payment has been made, I am responsible to advise Paw & Order Inc. at my earliest opportunity. Payments made to secure a spot in a group class or a date/time for a behavioural assessment/private training session are non-refundable.

On behalf of myself and all other owners of this pet, I have read and agree to the terms of this contract. I warrant that I have the authority to represent any and all other owners of this pet in signing this contract.

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