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Manners 101 

Online Video Series

AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW!! - With weekly support calls/e-mails with a Trainer to keep you on track and answer any questions you might have. Cost $150+HST

Payment is required at the time of registration and prior to the first training video being sent

Duration: 5 weeks

Covering all of the basic commands such as Look, Sit, Stay, Down, Jumping on People, Stay, Leave-It and Recall, this course is designed to lead you through all 8 of these plus so much more!  The course also tackles topics such as canine communication, managing both physical and emotional energy, working as a team, and navigating some of the tough real-life scenarios that you encounter as a pet parent in daily life.

Once purchased, you will have access to all 5 videos to watch and re-watch with your dog so that you can practice these basic skills so they can become permanent lessons for everyone involved.


Our online Manners 101 class is PERFECT for people who:

  • Have a schedule that doesn't allow for a regular weekly class

  • Live in areas with limited or no access to a quality dog training program within a reasonable travel distance

  • Need access to dog training - NOW!

  • Have a dog that wouldn't do well in an in-person group class setting (aggressive, fearful)

  • Have a dog that doesn't travel well or the owners have difficulty traveling themselves

  • Have previously attended a group class with no great results

  • Want to involve several family members of all ages

  • Want to be able to review the material more than once to ensure success

  • Have multiple dogs in the same household that would benefit from training

Once the required registration and course fee have been received, your first video will be emailed to you so you can get started right away! After that, you will receive a new video training session each week until the 5-week course has been completed.  Throughout the course, you will have access via email and telephone to one of our Trainers who can answer any questions that you might have about the content or how to best use it with your very own pup.

The course is designed to be done WITH your dog as though you were here in person.  When you receive one of the videos, simply have your dog with you on a leash in front of the computer and press "Play" to start the session and go through the course together!


What do our clients have to say about the Online version:

"We have finished the 5th video.  Overall the online videos worked best for us.  What's nice about the videos is you can watch them when it's convenient for you and re-play them at any time to review information or techniques to make sure you are doing things right.  Bella is doing well with all commands and I'm even able to do look, sit, stay and come when out on our walks. I think it's a great option for people and the weekly communication with you worked very well for us!" - Lynne LeBlanc

"We have watched and done this video today and it is like all the others, fantastic..... Molly is very smart as you know - and we are coming along nicely ourselves. I'm glad we can re-watch the earlier videos, and I plan to do that, to refresh my memory, and keep Molly active and strengthen our relationship.  We particularly loved your description of the reasons we call our dogs to "come".  So.... it's still an adventure with all the distractions on our walks, but these training sessions, and the practicing we do and will continue to do, are already making a difference." - Margaret Isaacs

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