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Once we hold your spot in the class, the 6-week training membership is neither refundable nor transferrable

Dog Training

Manners 101

Group Class

Coving a wide array of basic commands while building a trusting relationship with your beloved furry family member is our goal in our Manners 101 group class.  Covered in this class is information relating to "why" your dog does the things that they do and how to best communicate with them. We want to help them learn how to replicate desired behaviours while leaving the undesired behaviours behind.  While tackling tough topics like jumping on people and destructive behaviour,  we cover the basic commands of:

  • Attention/Look

  • Sit 

  • Down

  • Stay & Wait 

  • Leave It

  • Recall


Whether your dog is brand new to learning or has learned to do some (or all) of these commands at home, being able to execute these commands with added distractions is a skill that can always use practice.  Remember, your dog is a life-long learner!

Duration: 6 Weeks

Cost: $199+HST

Puppy Socialization & Basic Manners

Group Class

The approach to raining a puppy has changed a lot over the past 10 years and we want to help you and your newest furry friend get of on the right "paw"!

In addition to each class having a hands-on social play element, this course covers the following topics to help you start them on their learning journey:

  • Attention

  • Sit, Down, Stay, Recall

  • Introducing them to New Things

  • Using Enrichment for their well-being

  • Basic First Aid and Light Grooming

Duration: 6 Weeks

Cost: $199+HST


Boston Puppy
Beagle Puppy
Puppy Drinking
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